February 2019 Wine Club Release

Your next Wine Club Release will be ready for pickup February 1st. Here’s what is in your release.

17 Sauvignon Blanc $22 17 Sauvignon Blanc $22
17 Sauvignon Blanc $22 17 Gewurztraminer $26
17 Gewurztraminer $26 Sadie Red $22
Sadie Red $22 14 Merlot $28
Sadie Red $22 16 Proprietor’s Red Reserve $50
14 Merlot $28 16 Cabernet Franc $35
15 Syrah $30
16 Zinfandel $30
14 Cabernet Sauvignon $40 TOTAL $183
16 Proprietor’s Red Reserve $50 20% Discount $146.40
16 Cabernet Franc $35
16 Petite Sirah $35
TOTAL $362
30% Discount $253.40
RED Case RED 6 Pack
Sadie Red $22 Sadie Red $22
Sadie Red $22 14 Merlot $28
14 Merlot $28 15 Syrah $30
14 Merlot $28 14 Cabernet Sauvignon $40
15 Syrah $30 16 Proprietor’s Red Reserve $50
15 Syrah $30 16 Cabernet Franc $35
16 Zinfandel $30
16 Zinfandel $30
14 Cabernet Sauvignon $40 TOTAL $205
16 Proprietor’s Red Reserve $50 20% Discount $164.00
16 Cabernet Franc $35
16 Petite Sirah $35
TOTAL $380
30% Discount $266.00
WHITE 6 Pack
17 Sauvignon Blanc $22
17 Sauvignon Blanc $22
14 Pinot Gris $18
14 Pinot Gris $18
17 Gewurztraminer $26
17 Gewurztraminer $26
TOTAL $132
20% Discount $105.60

Wine Club Pick Up Parties

You may pick up your wine in the Tasting Room anytime in February. Pick up your wine during one of our pick-up parties and enjoy complimentary food and wine. As always, you are more than welcome to bring guests.

Tasting Room Pick Up Party

3 Avery Rd (Avery Park on HWY 14) Wishram, WA   541.645.0462

Date: Saturday February 23rd, 12 – 5 PM

Winter blues have you down?  Break out with an afternoon of live music, hearty fare and your next wine release.
Piping hot soups from the White Buffalo Bistro will warm your soul along with fresh baked breads from the White Salmon Bakery.  Kay Floria & Randy Bell will continue to warm your spirits with their eclectic mix of jazz and soulful ballads.  They have been entertaining audiences and dancers around the Gorge for the past four years. You may want to bring your dancing shoes.
The final ingredient to winter warmth…wine.  Enjoy the official release of our 2016 Proprietor’s Red Reserve Blend.  Barrel tastings of several pre-release wines will be offered along with a casual meet and greet with our winemaker, Peter Cushman and owner, Brad Gearhart.
We look forward to warming you up on February 23rd. 12-5pm.
** Note:  As many of you know, the bar becomes very busy towards the end of each party.  If you would like to avoid the rush, we encourage you to pick up your wine release first.  Feel free to let your hair down for the rest of the afternoon!  :)

Portland Party – Cerulean Wine (The Pearl District)  

1439 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR 97209. On street parking available.  Paid parking garage nearby.

Date: Tuesday February 12th, 5 – 7 PM

Let your hair down and enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres and live music at Cerulean Wine.  This industrial-chic wine bar will provide the perfect venue for Jermaine Malone to share his musical flare. A one man band featuring americana soul and R&B.  

As most of you know, our Portland parties have grown in recent year and we now REQUIRE your RSVP no later than Friday, February 8th. If you plan on customizing your release -OR- purchasing additional wine (on top of your release), we ask that your order be placed in advance when you RSVP.  If you do not pre-order, we may not be able to fulfill these extra orders.  

Please RSVP and send all orders to jenny@jacobwilliamswinery.com

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